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We are Reel Factory

What We Do

About Reel Factory

Reel Factory represents the intersection of Art and Technology - a Boutique Production company created to bring the best high end capture techniques and post production services to allow unrestricted creativity. Reel Factory owns and operates only the best camera systems currently on the market for digital cinema production. Our team is here to take on all entertainment in the creation of commercials, corporate films, motion pictures, music videos and television series. With in house Phantom, aerial cinematography, stabilization platforms and custom made cinema rigs Reel Factory has the means to push a project to its limits in every visual aspect. We do things a little differently than most - bringing a unique dynamic to any project.




Browse a selection of our projects below.

Reel Factory – Showreel 2014

Levi Sherwood – This is Home – RedBull NZ

Element Skate – Phantom Miro & Movi combo

The Movi – Reel Factory – 2014

Reel Factory Aerial Cinematography reel

Ultra Slow Motion sports coverage

Thundercats 2014

Reel Factory Sports Reel


Check out our team below!

Dan Watkins

Dan Watkins

Master of Coin View Details
Hamish Trott

Hamish Trott

Master of whisper’s View Details
Chris Neves

Chris Neves

Chief Technician View Details
Marc McCarthy

Marc McCarthy

Digital Scientist View Details
Dan Watkins

Dan Watkins

Master of Coin

Dan’s background and upbringing has seen him specialize in production of all forms of entertainment. Films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, events, extreme sports, digital media and all aspects of television organizing arsenals of specialty crews, camera, locations and post production facilities. Having started in the industry from the ground up at a young age and moving through the growth of production and camera operation, Dan has the sound knowledge of what it takes to push the limits of high definition pictures from all facets imaginable.


Hamish Trott

Hamish Trott

Master of whisper’s

Hamish has traveled the world with a camera in his hands. Filming action sports and television series in all four corners of the globe, he has a tenacious enthusiasm that can’t be denied. If it’s studio or field work, Hamish adapts to any challenge and isn’t afraid to think outside the box with his Phantom camera, RED, Sony or what ever. He’s a straight shooter. Having worked with the biggest broadcasters in India, Sri Lanka, Europe, Hong Kong and New Zealand his regular call backs are a testament to his skills.

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Chris Neves

Chris Neves

Chief Technician

“Chris is Reel Factories lead technician, creating systems to put camera’s into positions
never done before, if he’s not in the Reel Factory workshop he will be found flying one of
our custom built drones. Chris has been constructing and flying RC helicopters for over a
decade. He specialises in precision sport flying and capturing aerial images in unique
environments. He has competed in national competitions to a senior sportsman level
which requires a high discipline of precision flying winning the national competition twice in
a row.

Marc McCarthy

Marc McCarthy

Digital Scientist

Ben Medina

Captain America

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