I-Movix Slow Motion

I-Movix are the leaders in extreme slow motion for sports broadcasting. With this system we are able to instantly replay footage with speeds of up to 1,000 FPS in 4K and 2,000 FPS in HD. This system is designed for the live sport arena and is configured to seamlessly connect into a broadcast truck.

This camera system is designed to be cut in live and to colour match all other cameras on the production. We have used this piece of technology across hundreds of live broadcasts for global and national sports matches.

Broadcast Drones

RF is the leader in live broadcast drone operations in New Zealand. Our coverage integrates with local and global broadcast solutions seamlessly. With multiple broadcast rigs we can offer up the best drone tech in the world. Our heavy lift machine has a five axis stabilised gimbal with a 240mm zoom lens, which allows us to achieve shots that would normally require a full sized helicopter.

Our system can send the live feed up to 1KM away with a very low latency. The live feed runs from a ground station via fibre optic into the broadcast truck for a rock solid feed. 

Cable Cam

RF have the only 48V Dactyl Cam Pro Cable Cam system in New Zealand.  We saw a need for a point to point zip-line type cable cam system that is self-powered and easy to setup and operate. Coupled with our in-house Shotover G1 this piece of equipment is by far the best in its league, allowing us to put the camera into positions that would usually be unachievable. 

The system has been tried and tested being run on world stage live broadcast productions, in commercials, feature films and many sports events.

Rover Cam

Capable of hitting speeds of up to 90KM/H, Rover Cam can carry any of RF's suite of cinema grade cameras and gimbals to achieve rock solid imagery. A two man operation with a vehicle driver and a gimbal operator, Rover Cam offers up a unique perspective at high speed.

You'll see this machine running up and down the sideline of most rugby and netball matches broadcast on Sky Sport and international cricket fixtures on Spark Sport.